The packaging underlines the character of its products and thus becomes its first business card. Delicarne has a wide range of functional packaging solutions in a variety of raw materials for the most different applications.  

Aluminium film l Blanks of paper and foil l Block bottom bag l Bowls l Carrier bags l Cling film l Cutlery l Delicatessen cups l Disposable cutlery l Flat bag l Foodbox l Hot drink cup l Kraft recycled paper l Menu boxes l Paper plates l Plates l Pizza boxes l Side folding bag l Shrink bags l Soup bowls l Soup terrines l Transport boxes l Trays l Vacuum pouches l Waxed paper l Warm drink cups l Wrapping paper

Environmentally friendly disposable tableware for top dining comfort

We have of course also compiled an alternative range of the new generation of plastic-free disposable tableware, which is industrially compostable. This is made possible by the use of renewable resources such as sugar cane, wood, kraft and recycled paper as well as PLA / CPLA.  


PLA is an ecological, lactic acid-based alternative to conventional plastic. Obtained from renewable raw materials such as corn starch, it can be processed into crystal-clear, dimensionally stable plastic and poured into its new form as cutlery, salad bowls or delicatessen cups. The further development for this is CPLA, which, by adding talcum powder, achieves higher heat resistance as well as greater strength and dimensional stability. 


100% compostable raw material from the residual fibres of sugar production. Pressed under high pressure into various shapes such as plates, salad/meal bowls, menu boxes, lunch boxes or hamburger boxes, a stable, water and heat resistant organic product is the result.

Kraft recycled paper

Highly stable material made of 100% natural cellulose fibres. Partly using re-recycled material, which results in a lower CO2 footprint. The possible applications are manifold: whether as food / noodle box, soup-to-go cups, food tray boats, paper bowl, paper plates or drinking straws.  

These ecologically convincing plastic alternatives have established themselves for an environmentally friendly transport of out-of-home meals. Most of them are at home in both worlds: they can be used up to 100°C and can be frozen.

In this way delicacies are presented in a pleasant and sustainable way.

Food bags

There are different types:

  • block bottom bag
  • side folding bag
  • flat bag
  • vacuum pouches
  • shrink bags

Block bottom bag

Bags are used for packaging all powdery and granular products such as granulates, fresh spices or dried spice powder, tea leaves, leaf buds. The flat bottom shape allows easy filling and a beautiful product presentation due to a stable stand of contents. Confectionery, fine pralines or popcorn are presented extraordinarily well thanks to it. Block-bottom bags are characterized by a remarkably good aroma protection, which makes them particularly recommended for offering coffee beans, coffee powder or tea leaves as well as fresh raw spices and spice mixtures.

Side folding bag

 A side fold gives a bag a larger, more variable volume. This allows the products to slide in more easily when filling with grains, seeds as well as cold and hot snacks.

Flat bag

A light and practical bag that can be used universally. Available in various sizes, formats and material thicknesses, it can be closed optimally and securely for transport. Made of food-safe film, not only food can be presented in an appetizing way, but it can also be used for storage and shipping purposes or for storing office and photo articles.

Vacuum pouches

Vacuum bags made of multi-layer, food-safe composite film can be used easily and in many different ways. 

They are classically used for the safe and hygienic packaging of perishable food to extend shelf life. The bags are freeze-proof and therefore ideal for freezing after vacuuming and sealing. They are also perfect for storing liquid contents because their liquid density prevents liquids from leaking. Of course they are available in various sizes and material thicknesses.

As a side sealed bag with a thickness of 90µ, our vacuum pouches are of course also suitable for all common vacuum devices and are therefore also used in all gastronomic areas, traditional kitchens and canteen kitchens for very healthy and gentle vacuum cooking (in French sous-vide). An excellent gas barrier provides high product safety and aroma protection of the vacuumed product. Under mechanical stress, the air drawing rates are low, thanks to the good tear resistance.  
It goes without saying that we also carry a wide range of vacuum devices.

Shrink bags

Shrink bags are suitable for cooking, heating in ovens or microwaves. They offer good shrinkage at lower shrink temperature. The cooked product retains its natural juiciness and flavour thanks to good oxygen barrier. The highly transparent pouches have a beautiful film gloss, are wafer-thin and easy to handle. This allows the production of skin-tight and sales-promoting self-service packaging. Available in different sizes and formats for every type of product.  

Keep-fresh papers

Wrapping paper and waxed paper

Film blanks are used as inserts between individual products, or for protection or clean separation during packaging. Easy-grip structure, easy and individual to remove in the common sizes 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 sheets.

Paper and foil blanks

Paper on one side and surface-glued foil on the other. Easy to separate, these paper blanks are breathable and maintain the fresh, natural colour of the product to promote sales success. With a view to storage, goods packed in this way remain juicy and fresh, minimising weight loss.  


The waxed paper is a double-sided paraffined paper. Water-, grease- and aroma-proof, its smooth surfaces make it ideal for packaging scratch-sensitive, cold food.

Film blanks

  • PP blanks
  • HDPE blanks
  • LDPE blanks
  • Cellophane blanks

Out-of-home business, picnic and party supplies

In order to keep up with changing consumption habits, we offer disposable tableware, to-go packaging, menu boxes and suitable transport containers. When choosing the right packaging, the focus is on maintaining cold chains and protecting fresh products.  

Disposable tableware and to-go packing

  • Aluminium and cling film
  • Delicatessen cups & soup bowls and terrines
  • Cutlery & plates (disposable cutlery, paper plates)
  • Hot and cold drink cups

Aluminium and cling film

Our aluminium rolls offer optimal product and aroma protection through high light-tightness and convincing impermeability to air, gas and water vapour. The food products packed in these rolls dry very slowly.

The food-safe cling film on rolls is characterised by a special tensile strength and high stretchability. It is cold-resistant and therefore suitable for freezing. Its very good grip on plates or trays protects the flavour of the food.

Delicatessen cups & soup bowls and Terrine

Due to their easy handling and practical features, delicatessen cups have become a classic for the presentation and transport of fresh salads or appetizers, in the form of spreads or cold antipasti. Soup bowls or terrines simplify the safe carrying of liquid food thanks to their high edges. Heat-resistant, they are ideal for use at parties or in take-away shops for hot soups and an excellent stable solution for dishes that could release moisture and soak through.

Cutlery & plates (disposable cutlery, paper plates)

Disposable articles made of high-quality materials in a modern look for restaurants, snack bars, butcher's shops or catering. The diverse range of drinking straws, paper plates, cups and cutlery in different sizes and shapes comes in an attractive design and is practical to use.

Hot and cold drink cups

Drinking coffee variations on the go with the best possible taste experience was in the focus when compiling the portfolio of drinking cups and coffee mugs. Various sizes made of single-ply cardboard or double-walled with excellent insulating properties for hot tea as well as freshly roasted coffee, whether as a small espresso or a large café latte, allow consumption between meals. So that hot drinks with milk or sugar can be enjoyed and they stay in the cup, wooden or plastic stirrers and matching lids round off the range.

Transportation of Food

  • Carrier bags
  • Transport boxes for menu boxes and pizza
  • Pizza boxes
  • Trays and menu boxes
  • Hot and cold drink cups

Carrier bag

Our plastic carrier bags suitable for packaging food are available in a variety of colours and sizes as shirt carrier bags, carrier bags with punched handles, DKT and loop handle.

Transport box

Reliable and stable thermal shipping containers are suitable for transporting temperature-sensitive foodstuffs. The durable insulating boxes made of EPP (expanded polypropylene) for up to 15 menu boxes or pizzas ensure low heat loss during transport and an uninterrupted cold chain, thus mastering the conflict between quality and economy. They are very light and have a high insulating effect, optimal for short to medium transport times.

Pizza boxes

Large selection of pizza packaging in various sizes, paper thicknesses and diameters in beautiful neutral motifs for classic or topped pizzas. To ensure stability, the higher pizza boxes are of course made of a stronger kraft board. Aluminium-laminated boxes are predestined for taking along an extremely juicy pizza. In addition to the typical square pizza boxes, suitable packaging solutions are of course also available for the sale of other Italian specialities such as calzone, pizza roller blind or individual pizza slices.

Trays and menu boxes

For the takeaway business, starters and main courses as well as hot and cold food for small and large appetites can be served incredibly well in practical bowls, menu boxes with a separate lid or as a plastic folding box. The different sizes, qualities and subdivisions are both insensitive to water and fat and optimally heat and cold resistant.